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We have No minimum withdraw and No income limit 24 /7 rewards

ZeroFaucet is simple zero currency faucet give free rewards every minute,
it's not place to be rich quickly, but you're able to make some dolloars (crypto currency) for every minute you spend on our site.
We have instant withdraw at no minimum, no fees, and live balance update.

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Instant Direct Payouts

Happy Users : 9653 - Total Paid : 1,100.62757727 ZER - Total Payments : 344285 Was Sent Instantly

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Why Zero Currency ?
Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~10m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.
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Mobile Friendly Site
To install our app on IOS, open site on browser, login to your account,
and click on (share), scroll down and select
"Add to Home Screen", then click "Add".

What is Level Up ?
By leveling up your player, you will increase your rewards up to %1000
when you reach level 999.

What is Minimum Withdraw ?
You can withdraw your earnings anytime at no minimum. You are able to
send instant withdraw payment upon each claim.
We have zero transaction fees, all payments are sent instantly and confirmed
on blockchain usually within 2 minutes.

How to change wallet address ?
Contact Us
You can leave the site for 24 hours (until it clear your IP)
And join again with new correct wallet address.

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